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Slater Trout - Bio

I started Stand up Paddling at the age of 11 and never looked back. I turned professional at the age 14 and I have been traveling on the world racing tour ever since. I am fortunate to call this great sport my john and I hope to see many people get as much joy out of SUP as I do.

Interesting fact:

Photography is my hobby.

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Norman Hann

  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 185lbs.
  • Boards: 9'6 Mini Mod, 14' Great Bear
  • Hometown: Richmond, VA
  • Occupation: Coastal Wilderness SUP Guide and Instructor with Norm Hann Expeditions

Norman Hann- Bio

I love being on the ocean and exploring our coastline. Paddle surfing in Tofino, B.C. is one of my favorite things to do along with exploring the Great Bear Rainforest on my touring board. My passion always brings me back to the ocean and doing my best to protect and bring awareness to the our incredible coastline.

Interesting fact:

I was adopted into a coastal First Nations community in Northern B.C. and given a Raven name, T’aam Laan which means “Steersman of the Canoe.”

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Quiksilver Waterman, Galileo Coffee Company, Kialoa, FCS


MIchael Tavares- Bio

I have been an athlete in the paddling industry for over 10 years. The past 3 years of my life have been dedicated to SUP after falling in love with the sport on the rivers of Colorado. My goal is to be the most well rounded athlete and have the most fun while working in this industry. I started working with Boardworks Surf back in 2011 as a whitewater athlete and with their help, I have been able to branch out into every different corner of the sport. I am now working full time as the team manager, team athlete, tour manager, as well as sales with Boardworks. Its been great to work with such an amazing company that shares my passion for the sport!

Race Results:

• 2013 Chattajack 31 – 1st place 14 ft
• 2013 CKS paddlefest SUP cross – 1st place
• 2013 Fibark Downriver Race – 1st place
• 2013 surf to sounds challenge, wrighstville beach, NC – 2nd place

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Chaco Footwear, Level Six Performance Paddling Wear, Beyond Coastal Sun Care Products, FCS, Astral Designs – PFD’s

Carlos Ochoa

Carlos Ochoa - Bio

Since I can remember I have been in contact with the ocean. My Father was a water ski world champion when he was 7 years old. He was the first boy to ski bear footed.

My first contact with surfing was when I was 7 years old. My grandparents lived in San Miguel in Baja. That same year went to YMCA summer camp at Imperial Beach, California.

When I was 17 I went to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca for the first time in my life and became part of the first team of organized lifeguards in Mexico. I was one of the founders of Mexico´s lifegurard association.

I discovered SUP three years ago. I have been paddling mainly in Acapulco and Zihuatanejo and traveling to Puerto Escondido as much as I can. I like all kind of waves but mostly big waves and barrels.

I like to combine Stand Up Paddle and spearfishing in a surf trip. My equipment can almost always garranty a fresh catch. My favorite boards are infinity 7'11 and 8'11 for big waves and for cruising my favorite is the M&M 12'6.

Haley Mills

Haley Mills - Bio

Hobbies other than Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

Being around water especially rivers, kayaking, yoga, surfing all types of waves, traveling, and music.

Why do you enjoy paddling:

What draws me to the sports of Stand UP Paddle Boarding and Kayaking being in control of the craft choosing my line down a rapid or paddling to where I want to go. Being on the river and getting to experience parts of the world that not many people get to see is special and keeps me looking for more remote locations.

How many years paddling:

I have been a whitewater paddler for 14 years. Water has been the only constant in my life. I have been competing for 5 years it pushes me to perform at my best under pressure and keeps me motivated to train all year.

Top places to paddle and explore:

Being a traveling athlete I get to paddle all over the US. I love international paddling. Uganda and Norway were locations last year. Hoping to complete and around the world trip this fall that included the Alps and Nepal.

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Chaco, Beyond Coastal Sun-care, Chums, Astral Buoyancy, Thule, Werner Paddles, Wavesport Kayaks, Immersion Research, and Garden of Life.

Brody Welte

  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 200lbs.
  • Boards: 14' Whiplash
  • Current Residence: Cardiff by the Sea, CA
  • Occupation: Coach and founder of PaddleFit

Brody Welte - Bio

Brody is a full-time paddle coach and creator of PaddleFit. He loves introducing new people to the sport of stand up paddling, launching new stars with PaddleFit and pushing athletes to the next level. Brody learned SUP on the island of Kaua'i when he was living there in 2007. After a lifetime of being an adventurer Brody has focused all of his energy on PaddleFit. Brody also partners with Dave Kalama on the SUP adventure trips know as Kalama Kamps.

Interesting fact:

I have a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife. My favorite thing on the planet is NHL hockey specifically the Detroit Redwings

Race Results:

• 2013 1st 12’6” Open age class 30 - 39 Battle of the Paddle
• 2013 3rd Open 14’ Columbia Gorge Challenge
• 2013 2nd 14’ Surftech Shootout

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Jessica Cichra

Jessica Cichra - Bio

My life mantra is “be well, explore, live fun” where I spend my time creating, practicing & sharing playful activities involving movement, breath & present moment awareness. My love for & study of yoga & fitness training, as well as being outdoors & on the water has lead to a SUP-full life of touring, SUP yoga, racing & paddlesurfing. Combined with my passion for helping others achieve a greater quality of life, I’ve brought SUP into my professional world through instruction, personal training, race directing & leading SUP & Yoga Expeditions. I’m happiest when connecting with friends, family, & clients through these mindful & energetic experiences, as well as live music, good food & dancing!


SUP, Yoga, Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer/Paddle Race Director/Adventure Organizer/Founder at Wave of Wellness

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Interesting fact:

I lived in Nahiku, Maui (no ka oi) for 2 years as a tropical flower farmer.

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Other Sponsors:

Werner Paddles, Maui Jim, Paddle Faster, & Performance Ski & Surf; Ambassador for: SUPreme, Hinano Tahiti, Kahuna Creations, prAna, & Indo Board

John Fair

John Fair - Bio

I have an amazing wife and two sweet kids, and I’ve got the best job (I take college students on outdoor adventures). I got into SUP on my local river, the Spokane, where I do the majority of my paddling, so I’m comfy in whitewater… and out of my element in the ocean. The surfing is pretty good here when it’s in, which is often, but you’ve gotta embrace the cold; stoke and a good drysuit will keep you surfing here year-round.

Race Results:

Um, I fell down a lot in the PRG boardercross. Does that count?

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Cyril Burguiere

  • Boards: M&M 14', Dennis Pang 14'
  • Hometown: Born France, childhood in Europe and Africa, high school/ college in Montana, Portland, OR is my new hometown
  • Occupation: Project Manager, wind power industry

Cyril Burguiere - Bio

2011 Northwest Series WPA champion, Cyril Burguiere, paddles in all the weather his current hometown of Portland, Oregon throws at him. Cyril lives close to the Willamette River, which runs right through downtown Portland, where he works as a Project Manager in the wind power industry.

"Commuting by SUP makes going to work 'amazing' and helps me get the water time I need to be competitive once the races start in May. SUP has allowed me to live the lifestyle I want, which includes watertime everyday and less time daydreaming about the weekends, like the weekend warrior I used to be. I've gotten in great shape, while keeping a very good balance between work, family and play."

Cyril has not always been passionate about watersports. His childhood was all spent in Europe and Africa (Cyril is a French national, recently becoming dual, American) following his parents' job postings. Cyril spent most his childhood kicking soccer balls and shooting hoops, and then competed in NCAA Track and Field at Montana State University. Cyril's passion for watersports started with kiteboarding the year after he graduated from college, when he moved to Texas for his first career. His passion for kiteboarding and everything outdoors caused him to switch careers and move to his current home and outdoor mecca, "my favorite place to live and raise my outdoor loving family"./p>

He first put a paddle in his hand in April 2010, when he rented a SUP surfboard and aluminum adjustable paddle through his local shop – Gorge Performance. He then entered a race the next day and his competitive drive was sparked after receiving a beating. After entering a few races in Summer 2010, Cyril dedicated his winter to training for the 2011 season. Cyril went on to surpass every goal he set for himself in 2011, winning most Northwest races and the Northwest region's WPA series, while gaining paddle sponsorship from KIALOA paddles. Cyril is most proud of his performances at the national races and all the great friendships he has built through this great sport.

2012 Results

1st Ross Island Race (both Races 1 and 2), Portland, OR

1st Rogue River Race, Gold Beach, OR

1st Bend Paddle Challenge (both Course Race and Sprint Race), Bend, OR

1st Willamette SUP Cup, Lake Oswego, OR

1st Oregon Open Ocean (both Ocean Race and Bay Course Race), Newport, OR

3rd Race the Lake of the Sky (Elite Race), South Tahoe, CA

9th H2O Overdrive Summer Series (Elite Race), Park City, UT

7th Tahoe-Nalu (Elite Race), Kings Beach, CA

7th Gorge Paddle Challenge (Elite Race), Hood River, OR

2011 Results

Ross Island WPA Race, Portland, OR - 1st

Bend Paddleboard Challenge, Bend, OR - 2nd

Gorge Blowout (downwind), Hood River, OR - 1st

Bump N' Glide Series (downwind), Hood River, OR - 2nd

2003 Pan American Games Dominican Republic K1 1000 3rd

Standup Paddle 4 Cancer (course & downwind), Hood River, OR - 1st

Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival, Lake Tahoe, CA - 11th

'Round the Rock, Seaward Park, Seattle - 2nd

13th Place, Henessey WPA World Championships, Hermosa Beach, CA

32nd Place Elite Race, Battle of the Paddle CA

Chris Hill (Chill)

Chris Hill - Bio

I've been in or around the ocean since I was a little kid. Growing up in South Florida my Mom would take us to the beach all the time and we mostly dove and fished with a little surf thrown in then after moving to NC in 1986 surfing took over and diving became second. I was introduced to SUP in 2005 and never looked back it was a great addition to my Traditional Paddling (Prone paddle boarding ) to stay in shape for surfing and then the surf SUP's began to evolve and and that is where most of my passion is today. I'm a firm believer in riding and paddling everything from Outrigger , SUP , Traditional Paddleboard , surf both short and long to a pair of swim fins and hand plane. I would never label myself as a waterman more of an OCEAN ADDICT

Interesting fact:

I got the nickname CHill from EJ Johnson while have a few beers on his boat, he said run with it as your always smiling and having a good time it fits you.

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Infinity ,Werner Paddles , Ohana Paddle Sports

Grant Begley III

Grant Begley - Bio

My life revolves around the ocean, from work to play, you can always find me on or in the water. We are over 55% water, how could we not be drawn back to it. I started Paddleboarding about 3 years ago. I was fishing off a surfboard in San Diego Bay and realized how much better it would be to be standing up on a SUP. Started SUP fishing, that lead to paddlesurfing and I began racing last year. Being part of the paddle community is a great thing; I haven’t met a nicer bunch of people. I cant wait to see where my board brings me next.

Interesting fact:

I have begun spearfishing more and more from my SUP. The advantages and rewards from this new adventure have been very rewarding. I have one world record spearfishing with a polespear and a few more currently pending approval. Eat what you catch and Catch what you eat……Respect the ocean and she will take care of you

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Paddleboard House, Original Waterman, Wave of Wellness

Ben Morton

Video Coming Soon!

Ben Morton - Bio

I travel around the U.S. and abroad instructing SUP, Kayak, Canoe, and river based leadership courses. There is nothing I love more than sharing my passion for paddling with others and just getting folks outside having fun. I spend most my year traveling throughout the U.S. and then typically head down to Costa Rica for the winter to enjoy the warmer weather and to take advantage of the great surf and whitewater. Whether it’s surfing at Lunch Counter Wave outside Jackson, WY or taking folks out on their first SUP flat-water trip, you’ll find me having fun.

Interesting fact:

I once defended myself with a sling-shot from aggressive monkeys in southern Thailand.

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Other Sponsors:

Kokatat Watersports, Shred Ready Helmets, Saltwood Kayak and Canoe Paddles, G-Form, Evolve Clothing, and Jackson Kayaks

Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner - Bio

I have been hooked on SUP'n since a visit to Maui in 2004. Riding every type of board in all conditions from distance races to 15' Tahitian grinders. I have been running Legends Surf a SUP specialized surf shop since 2006.

Why Boardworks?

There is no other board building company, production or US made that offers a more progressive product than Boardworks.

Other Notes

Racing is the latest focus, set a new team stock sup crossing record from Catalina to Dana Point 39.8 miles in 7 hours 11 minutes. I have competed in Battle of the Paddle, Hennessey World Championships, 22 miles across Lake Tahoe I was also a judge on the SUP world tour traveling to France, Tahiti, Brazil and Northern California in 2010 - 12.

Gabriel Gray

Gabriel Gray - Bio

When I first set foot on a paddleboard in 2006 I was hooked! Since then I became a WPA level 2 instructor and my wife and I started a local ‘mom and pop’ paddleboard company, Walkin’ on Water Paddleboards, providing Eco-tours and lessons. With touring and expedition paddling becoming a growing side of the sport I am looking to expand it with a combination of Adventure and waterway awareness. So my wife and I started Fight to SOAR (Save Our American Rivers) where we will use social media and some short films to help bring awareness on the waterways we explore all while bringing some adventure to the viewers! We launched Fight to SOAR in 2014 and kick off our first adventure on the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint River water basin (aka) ACF water basin. I know SUP and exploring will be a big part of my remaining life. I have been blessed to do what I love my whole life and look forward to many more years of adventure!

Interesting fact:

I grew up on a cattle farm in North Florida. When I was 12 I started rodeoing and turned pro at 17. I spent the next 10 years of my life traveling from rodeo to rodeo exploring the US. After guiding hunters in Northern Nevada and coming to an end with rodeoing, I decided to move back home and rediscover my roots along the Gulf Coast and inland waterways. I became a Firefighter/EMT and USLA open water lifeguard and moved to Panama City Beach, Fl.

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GreensPlus; Joshua Tree Skin Care; Mountain Khakis; Watershed dry bags; Warbonnet Outdoors

Randy Fisher

Randy Fisher - Bio

Standup Paddling has been a natural progression for me. I have a background in skateboarding, snowboarding, and kayaking. The combination of the these and my location on the New and Gauley Rivers has led me to specialize in river SUP surf. I am blessed to have the New River Dries down the road from my house which are some of the biggest surfable river waves in the country. My goal is to continue to push the limits of these waves and big wave river surfing. I enjoy hosting other paddlers who come to town to surf these waves.

Interesting fact:

I have always been fascinated by water and have been blessed to be surrounded by it both in my career and lifestyle.

Race Results:

In 2013 I may have won the award for having the most fun and I'm looking forward to even more in 2014 with Boardworks SUP.

Other Sponsors:

Through my day job Patagonia, and Oakley have been very good to me. I have to give them credit for supplying the outdoor industry with amazing clothing and sunglasses. Patagonia, Oakley

Brad Hilton

Brad Hilton - Bio

No matter the discipline, I believe playing in the outdoors with friends and family is the best way to spend my days. I grew up at the headwaters of the Colorado River, playing in the lakes and rivers during summer, and shredding powder in the winter. Stand up paddling has been an integral part of my life since 2011. I really appreciate the diversity and flexibility SUP offers. You can become an expert paddler in one arena, enter a new one and feel the beginners stoke all over again! I am honored to be a part of Team Boardworks, and can’t wait to explore, innovate, and push the limits of stand up paddling.

Interesting fact:

I spend time every year volunteering around the world with the disaster response non-profit All Hands Volunteers.

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Other Sponsors:

Altitude Paddleboards, Stand Up Paddle Colorado

Jarkko Simonen

Jarkko Simonen - Bio

I picked up SUP in 2011 after moved to Portland OR as a way to explore the countless rivers found around Portland. I became a paddle junkie very quickly and found myself paddling 4 to 5 days a week throughout the year, rain or shine. Oregon provides so many paddling disciples so it is easy to stay stoked year round. I split my time between scenic flatwater, downwinding in the gorge, surfing at the coast or running whitewater in the countless rivers nearby. I love them all. I also really enjoy being part of the racing scene and the overall paddle community that has evolved here in the PNW. It is exciting to be part of something that is growing so rapidly and is full of so many awesome people.

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RUNA, Gorge Performance, Werner

Greg "Suggz" Miller

Greg "Suggz" Miller - Bio

I am 50 years young and a Surfer/Waterman for over 35years that found the Jewel of the River in my own backyard in 2008. River SUP has given me a new life of sheer stoke and happiness that I love sharing with others!

Interesting fact:

After moving back to MD from SoCal, I was dying to move back to CA....but when I started to SUP on the Potomac River about 8 years ago, all that feeling went away fast!

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Other Sponsors:

Paddlestroke SUP and Carbonerro

Pamela Strom

  • Boards: M&M 12'6
  • Hometown: Encinitas, CA

Pamela Strom - Bio

I am third generation Californian, both of my grandparents were born in Los Angeles; I have been living in North County San Diego for the past twenty-two years. I grew up on the beaches of Laguna, Seal, Bolsa Chica and Newport. I lived in Boca Raton, Florida for a summer as a kid and Oahu for a year as a young woman. Needless to say I love the water.

In 1980 I got involved in the sport of outrigger canoeing on the island of Maui, I trained and raced for a summer with a team just outside of Lahaina, Napili Canoe Club. I picked up outrigger paddling again in 2006 with the wonderful people of the Makana Ke Kai Outrigger Club. I was blessed enough to be a part of the first women's novice team of Oceanside Outrigger (Makana Ke Kai and Pau Pau merged to make OOCC) together we became Southern California State Iron Team Champions. My nickname was Powerhouse Pamela.

I began Standup in 2007 and the Surf Monkey event in 2009 at Oceanside Pier was to be my first SUP race. Paddling has influenced me and guided me both physically and mentally. I am a much different person today than I was pre-paddle years. I used to be a couch potato dreading exercise and weighed over 200 lbs. Paddling has taught me that I have a really strong and healthy body and that I am capable of so much more than I ever gave myself credit for. Paddling made me secure and showed me that I will have a nice life moving forward with authentic loving healthy people around me.

I became an ASI (Academy of Standup Instruction) SUP Instructor in March 2010 and a Surftech/ SUPCore SUP Fitness Instructor in May 2011. I am currently a SUP Instructor for San Diego State University Exercise and Nutrition Sciences programs held at Mission Bay Aquatic Center. I own my own SUP business StromSUP, I was a team rider for King's Paddle Sports for three years and have modeled for Victory Kore Dry. I am a Poolside/Bayshore Lifeguard; am AED/CPR certified and work for the city of Encinitas in the Parks and Rec.Dept. My humblest accomplishment thus far has been in 2011 I created and hosted a first of its kind duathlon SUP/Run event benefiting the Parkinson's disease Foundation.

As an ambassador for Boardworks I am looking forward to more great things to come this year. I plan to race as many local events as possible and prepare myself for the Dana Point Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle distance race. I'd like to do the Quicksilver Tahoe Nalu and a down winder or two, Catalina, Utah and Florida are in my sites as well.

Happy Paddling and Big Smiles from ~ Pamela

Ty Graham

Ty Graham - Bio

Why Boardworks?

Several different types and styles of high quality equipment under one umbrella makes it easy to find the gear I need to paddle regardless of what type I want to do, from whitewater river surf to flat water racing or "kick around" rec-paddling. I'm promoting SUP from the middle of the country. We are fortunate enough to have thousands of miles of river (only state to be bordered by two rivers) to paddle and hundreds of lakes.

The Ohana TR 14' is a sleek and fast board. It cuts through chop very well and feels sure under foot. The EPX foam and glass makes the board rigid and strong without adding extra weight, which helps with a long smooth glide and maintaining speed.

What I love about my Raven 12'6" is….well is that it's just so easy to love! The Raven, a very good looking board, carries weight evenly and keeps the board stable at any speed. I can take it out to train for a race as easily as take it out on the lake to mess around. I call it the "Johnny lunch box" of paddle boards because anyone from beginner to pro can take it out and have a great time.

My Badfish RS 6'11" is one of my favorite pieces of sporting equipment. I live in Iowa and with the increasing number of whitewater parks and more so, the SUP specific river surf waves in the state/nation, it makes the line of Badfish boards a must have for any land locked surf lovers quiver.

Kim Havell

  • Boards: 10'6"Badfish
  • Current Residence: Jackson, WY
  • Occupation: Host/MC, Professional Skier and writer

Video Coming Soon!

Kim Havell - Bio

Kim is mountain athlete with a thirst for adventure and the heart of an explorer. From Telluride, CO, she recently relocated to beautiful Jackson, WY. She has skied on all 7 continents, with 1st descents on 4, and adventured in over 50 countries, including a recent SUP-To-Ski adventure with Boardworks Surf and Ice Axe Expeditions in Svalbard, Norway. During her travels, she has also climbed and skied big peaks in the Himalaya and the Karakorum, the highest mountains across the US, with 1st descents both at home and abroad including in the Arctic and Antarctic, and filmed with various entities like Powderwhore, Salomon Freeski TV, and Sweetgrass Productions.

Kim was a 12 yr guide and athlete/ski model for the Telluride Ski Resort. She is currently a live host and an MC for events, and a writer for Powder Mag, The Ski Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Freeskier, Elevation Outdoors, Outside Magazine, Outside TV and more. She has been an instructor or guide for the Telluride Alpine Race program, Babes in the Backcountry, Ice Axe Expeditions, San Juan Outdoor School, and H2O heli guides, while also serving on the San Miguel Search and Rescue team (and Advisory Board) for 12 years, with medical and rescue certifications. 

Her sponsors include Boardworks Surf, Salomon Freeski, Black Diamond,, Osprey Packs, SUUNTO, Mountain Athlete, PROBAR, WebIt Designs, WIDSIX, BUFF, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, I/O Merino, SOLIO and SMITH Optics. 

Vicki Carson

Vicki Carson - Bio

My Mom was a scuba/swim instructor when I was growing up in Florida so I have always been in the water. I've been suppin  for about 6  years now.  I'd like to paddle my everwhere there are waves and or clean water and or critters. I started supcoronado to fund my global expeditions.  We now offer a bootcamp class on sundays if you would ever like to attend :) I paddle everyday, sometimes 2 or three times, depending on the tourists. The Hotel Del and the Lowes call me now.  I am also the ladies buyer at Emerald City, and I can thank them for this amazing life I get to live. Can you please ask me some questions? Thanks for all the support!


Grom Team

Miles Harvey

Miles Harvey - Bio

I live in the mountains of Colorado near the Arkansas River. I love whitewater paddling and river surfing. I am in 6th grade. I also love to ski, skateboard, kayak and bounce on my tramp.

Race Results:

1st Place SUP Hill Downhill, Paddlefest, BV, CO
1st Place Salida SUP Sessions, Salida, CO

Interesting fact:

I first started paddling whitewater when I was 2 years old, in between my Dad’s legs in his kayak.

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Other Sponsors:

Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS), Badfish SUP, Kokatat, Werner, FCS

Ryan Maloney

  • Age: 15
  • Boards: 7'10 Mini Mod, 12'6 M&M
  • Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
  • Occupation: Student, Athlete
  • Sponsors: Boardworks Surf, Newton Running, Maui Jim , Hurley and more...

Ryan Maloney - Bio

At two years old Ryan, now 15, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a chronic disease of the autoimmune system where the pancreas stops producing the hormone insulin. Since his diagnosis, Ryan has had to monitor his blood glucose continuously and inject insulin multiple times every day to control his disease.

From an early age, Ryan turned this challenge into opportunity. Through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Ryan became a mentor to newly diagnosed kids in his hometown of Carlsbad, CA. Ryan and his mother would visit these kids at their homes and offer support and advice.

In his young life, Ryan has raised over $70,000 for organizations such as JDRF and

In 2008, Ryan participated in the filming of the documentary, "The Science of Inspiration".

In 2009, Ryan was selected to be a delegate for Children's Congress. He and his fellow delegates were guests of the President at the White House. Ryan and his fellow delegates lobbied the President, Congressmen and Senators to dedicate more resources to finding a cure for diabetes.

In January 2010, at age 11, Ryan ran his first Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and was named an official "Hero of the Marathon", at the Carlsbad Half Marathon.

Ryan has also competed in triathlons since the age of 11. He has finished over 25 sprint distance triathlons, with age group podium finishes in many.

Ryan has been a guest speaker at JDRF banquets, corporate luncheons and youth camps. In 2012 and 2013 he has been a faculty member at the conference, Taking Control of Your Diabetes. There, he speaks on the topic of "Athletes with Diabetes".

Ryan lives in the coastal village of Carlsbad, CA with his mother Annette, father Bill and sister Kayla.

Growing up close to the ocean it was only a matter of time before Ryan took his athleticism to the sea. Over the past two seasons Ryan has competed in over 30 Standup Paddle events. He has had podium finishes in both surfing and racing events and has even cracked the top 5 the past two years in the famous Battle of the Paddle.

Ryan is supported by some of the most prestigious brands in action and endurance sports; such as Boardworks Surf, Newton Running, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Hurley, Cobian footwear, Sector 9, HDX Hydration Mix, QuickBlade Paddles, Vestpak hydration systems, The GoodOnYa Bar, Sun Bum and West Coast Paddle Sports. He is also aided by the generous support of GlucoShare, Tandem Diabetes and GlucoLift all natural glucose tabs.

Career Highlights

2014- Hanohano Huki SUP race 3rd Pl 16u

2013-4th Place Battle of the Paddle,Doheny Beach, Kid's Long Course

2013 3rd Place, Paddle for Humanity, Newport Beach, Long Course 16U

2013 2nd Place Men's 12'6" SUP long course at JDRF Paddle for a Cure, Clearwater, FL

2013 1st place 19u Jump Aquathlon

2013 Revolt Surf Series #1, 2nd place Jr. SUP

2013 Performance Paddle SUP Fiesta 4th Place Race and SUP

2013 TriEvents #2 15-19 yr, 2nd Place

2013 Encinitas Paddle 3 mile, 3rd Place

2013 Silver Blade Regatta 2000m, 15-17 yr, 3rd Place

2012 Battle of the Paddle, Male 13-14 yr old, 4th place

2012 America's Finest Paddle Race, 1 mile-12'6" board class, 1st place 18u

2012 Powerhouse Paddle and Swim, Youth Swim 2nd Place 13-14 yr

2012 America's Finest Paddle Race, 1 mile-12'6" board class, 1st place 18u

2012 Powerhouse Paddle and Swim, Youth Swim 2nd Place 13-14 yr

2012 SoCal Youth Tri Series Champ 14-15 yr

2012 Pacific Coast Triathlon Mini-Sprint Triathlon, 1st Place 14-15 yr

2012 Chula Vista Challenge, 1st Place 14-15 yr

2012 Paddle 4 People, 1st Place 4 mile Youth Division

2012 Encinitas Triathlon, 1st Place 14u

2012 Fearless Mini Sprint Triathlon 2nd place 11-13yr

2012 Dana Point Challenge SUP, 4th Place 14u SUP 5 mile ocean course

2012 Hanohano Huki Paddle races 1st Place 14u SUP youth 1000K course and 4 mile race course finisher

2011 Tinsel Triathlon, 2nd Place

2011 Tecolote 5000 2nd place overall All Classes SUP in 2K Youth race, 1st place 12'6'' SUP division

2011 Turkey Paddle 3rd place SUP 11-14 yr

2011 Fearless Triathlon San Diego, 1st place

2011 Standup to Parkinson's SUP/Run/SUP, 1st place 11-14 yr, 4th place Mens Novice

2011 Del Mar Powerhouse Ocean Swim, 3rd place

2011 Solana Beach Triathlon, 2nd place

2011 Stephen Strasburg 5K, 1st place

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jack warner

Jack Warner - Bio

Jack has been involved in the SUP world since 2006. His first race at 9 years old was at the second Battle of the Paddle, the 6 mile open race. Most recently competing in the Carlsbad Beach Fest 7 mile distance race immediately after competing in the Victory SUP Cross. Jack won a trophy for biggest heart for charging two heats in the pro division with overhead surf and beating a few adult racers.

Jack has also competed on the Stand Up World Tour surfing in Hawaii, he carried the American flag for the American team during the gathering of nations prayer ceremony. He also competed in the last World Tour event held in Huntington Beach.

Look for this grom to be a familiar name in the SUP world!

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Sage Donnelly

  • Age: 11
  • Boards: 9' Badfish
  • Hometown: Carson City, NV
  • Occupation: Student, pro kayaker, jewelry manufacturer for non profit fundraising
  • Sponsors: Listed in Bio

Sage Donnelly - Bio


Kayaking, SUPing, rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, earring making and non profit fundraising

Favorite place to paddle

North Fork of the Payette River, Lower 5, ID. Brush Creek, CA. and the Grand Canyon

How did you get into SUP

I did a race at the National Freestyle Championships at Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, ID. and was hooked!

Why do you love it?

I love it because it is very challenging in rivers to keep your balance so it adds to all my river capabilities....and it is VERY fun!

What is your Spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a wolf-it represents strength, adaptability, versatility and intelligence, things I aspire to be-and it helps I have a wolf dog!


Jackson kayak (youngest sponsored freestyle athlete-age 7), Snap Dragon Sprayskirts, Kokatat, WRSI, Aloe Gator Suncare, Keen Footwear, Boardworks/Badfish, G-Form, Pocket Fuel Naturals, Truckee River Foundation, and American Whitewater.

Sidebar:I am also a type 1 diabetic since the age of 3, diagnosed with celiac disease at 8 and thyroid disease at 11=classic triple threat in autoimmune diseases!

2011 Sport's Illustrated Kid's top 10 Sports-kid's of the year, 2011 and 2012 Freestyle National Point Series Winner, 2011 National Freestyle Kayak Champion and 2012 runner up, 2012 and 2011 National slalom Kayak (k1) and Canoe National Champion (C1) champion, Inaugural "New Wave" Athlete, Kayak Session Magazine, #4, American Whitewater Ambassador.

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