Balancing Act – Haley Mills Reports from the Show Up & Blow Up Tour


Since we last competed at the Carolina Cup, we ignored our bodies state of exhaustion and continued traveling down the coast of NC looking for waves. Trying to make the most of our four days at the beach, I picked up the new Boardworks Mini Mod. We stopped to surf at Ocean Isle Beach for some windy conditions and small waves. Next stop was Huntington Beach State Park for a day of stretching out at the beach and surfing. We camped at Surf The Earth Surf Shop and woke up early for a surf session with the owner Scott at the South end of Pawleys Inlet, SC. The water was smooth with some small friendly waves and millions of jelly fish. After surfing we chowed down on some low country lunch at Quigley’s.

Mike is happy with his Chicken and Waffles

After lunch we headed to Isle of Palms near Charleston for our last full day on the coast. Due to the wind, the surf was small and choppy but still a good work out. Friday morning we woke up early to clean perfect 3-4ft waves, we were stoked to surf with out windy conditions. Basically having to drag ourselves out of the water, we drove to Atlanta for a Stand Up Event happening the next day. Shredder was super heart broken to leave the beach since he loved to chase the birds and run in the sand. Once we safely made it through Class V Atlanta traffic, we meet up with some friends for dinner to carb up for the six mile race. We camped in the REI parking lot which was close to the event location at Morgan Falls Overlook.  Race day was awesome with warm weather, great location, and tons of competitors.

I am still figuring out this whole endurance sport. I filled my camel back with water and Gatorade mix, and sucked down a GU before the race. I was racing the Boardworks 12’6 Ohana and Mike was on the Boardworks 12’6 M&M which are both awesome race boards. The 6 mile course was tough because of the heat and the current. At the start I felt great being in 3rd place for the ladies and still able to see Mike ahead of me. After the first buoy turn the feeling of passing out or loosing my GU came over me. Pushing through the rest was brutal, but seeing everyone come back around for the 2nd lap and cheer each other on was great. Mike placed 1st in the 12’6 division with a big lead and keeping up with the 14′ boards. I finished 4th for the ladies which was a huge improvement to my time at the Carolina Cup. For results

Once we felt somewhat recovered from the race we went to the after party to say good bye to everyone and we pushed north the the NOC that night. Since Sunday we have been switching gears training for freestyle on the feature dialing in my phonix monkeys and mcnasties. Its tough going from the mind set of a 6 mile race back to 60 second races. Trying to balance the life of competing in Stand Up, Freestyle, and training for downriver sprints is somewhat confusing on how to train sometimes. My training is not an exact science for me. I am my trainer and yes my training is weighted heavily on what activity I feel like partaking in that day. I feel that I am entering a whole new phase of becoming a true athlete. My mind is changing on how hard I train and what type of athlete I want to be. Though when I ask my self what I want to focus on more I can’t choose between Freestyle Kayaking, Down river, Whitewater Stand Up, Ocean Stand Up, Slalom, and I should stop before I think of another sport. For today I am going to have fun and work on freestyle. Our next tour stop is Richmond River Rocks in a few weekends. I will send out another post to remind all you east coasters to make it out for a fun filled event.

From what I hear, Shredder has a following and people want up dates about him. He is currently laying at my feet, growling and barking in his sleep dreaming that today was not raining and he was chasing butterflies and eating them.

Till next time
Haley the Nomad and Shred Dog

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